• 2024 Harbour Nights Vendor Fees 2024 Harbour Nights Vendor Fees

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  • Bermuda Tourism Authority
  • New this year: the Interactive Hub! New this year: the Interactive Hub!

    The Interactive Hub is a dynamic space where attendees can actively engage in a variety of workshops, activities, and hands-on experiences. From arts and crafts demonstrations to interactive storytelling sessions, fitness classes, and beyond, this zone is meant to ignite curiosity, spark creativity, and foster meaningful connections between participants and vendors.

    Whether you're a skilled artisan, a talented performer, or an expert in your field, the Interactive Hub provides an exciting platform for you to showcase your talents, engage with our audience, and leave a lasting impression.

    We encourage vendors to join us in bringing this vision to life by participating in the Interactive Hub at Harbour Nights. 

    Participation in the Interactive Hub will be free in 2024, as we pilot the project. However, vendors will still be required to become a paying member of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce.