East End Divisions

While most of our divisions are industry focused, our East and West End Divisions are based on geographic location representing the needs of our members at the two extreme ends of the Island, irrespective of industry sector. These two divisions are particularly well suited to entrepreneurial startup companies interested in building a network with like-minded partners who share their particular regional issues and concerns.

Divisions->East End Divisions

# Organization Name
1 Beach Boys Ltd
2 Bermuda Airport Authority
3 Bermuda Economic Development Corporation
4 Bermuda Land Development Company Limited
5 Bermuda Sanitation & Engineering Ltd.
6 Bermuda Vacation Now
7 Brian S. Alkon Realty
8 Burrows Lightbourn Ltd.
9 Butterfield Bank
10 Churchill's Ltd.
11 Davidrose Ltd.
12 Dockyard Company Limited Dockyard Glassworks
13 East End Group
14 Fort Knox Bermuda Ltd.
15 Fusion 4 Business LLC
16 Gosling's Group of Companies
17 Grotto Bay Beach Resort
18 Heritage Tours
19 Hospitality Management Services
20 La Garza
21 Lifestyles Co Ltd
22 MASS Ltd.
23 Meyer Group of Companies
24 Oleander Cycles Ltd.
25 Pulp & Circumstance
26 Robertson's Drug Store
27 SociaLEE Consulting
28 Sol Petroleum Bermuda Limited
29 St. George's Club
30 Sweet Saak Bakery
31 Swizzle Inn
32 The Bermuda Perfumery
33 The Crystal Caves of Bermuda
34 The Island Shop
35 Wahoo's Bistro & Patio
36 White Horse Pub and Restaurant