West End Divisions

While most of our divisions are industry focused, our East and West End Divisions are based on geographic location; representing the needs of our members at the two extreme ends of the Island, irrespective of industry sector. These two divisions are particularly well suited to entrepreneurial start-up companies interested in building a network with like-minded partners who share their particular regional issues and concerns.

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# Organization Name
1 A.S. Cooper & Sons, Ltd.
2 Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard
3 Bermuda Craft Market Ltd.
4 Bermuda Economic Development Corporation
5 Bermuda Resort Shops Limited (BRS)
6 Bone Fish Bar & Grill
7 Butterfield Bank
8 Dockyard Company Limited Dockyard Glassworks
9 E.R. Aubrey Jewellers Limited
10 HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited
11 Island Restaurant Group Ltd.
12 Makin' Waves (Venture Holdings Ltd.)
13 Oleander Cycles Ltd.
14 Phoenix Stores Limited
15 Pinnacle International Events Ltd
16 Watford Real Estate Limited