West End Divisions

While most of our divisions are industry focused, our East and West End Divisions are based on geographic location; representing the needs of our members at the two extreme ends of the Island, irrespective of industry sector. These two divisions are particularly well suited to entrepreneurial start-up companies interested in building a network with like-minded partners who share their particular regional issues and concerns.

Divisions->West End Divisions

# Organization Name
1 Bermuda Arts Centre
2 Bermuda Economic Development Corporation
3 Bermuda Longtail Real Estate Ltd.
4 Butterfield Bank
5 Carole Holding Studios
6 Dolphin Quest Bermuda
7 HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited
8 Island Restaurant Group Ltd.
9 Oleander Cycles Ltd.
10 Phoenix Stores Limited
11 SociaLEE Consulting
12 Watford Real Estate Limited